<b>Saturday, August 19, 1961</b><br />vs. Portsmouth (Home)

Saturday, August 19, 1961
vs. Portsmouth (Home)

<b>Monday, August 21, 1961</b><br />vs. Coventry City (Away)

Monday, August 21, 1961
vs. Coventry City (Away)

<b>Saturday, August 26, 1961</b><br />vs. Crystal Palace (Away)

Saturday, August 26, 1961
vs. Crystal Palace (Away)

<b>Tuesday, August 29, 1961</b><br />vs. Coventry City (Home)

Tuesday, August 29, 1961
vs. Coventry City (Home)

<b>Saturday, September 2, 1961</b><br />vs. Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic (Home)

Saturday, September 2, 1961
vs. Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic (Home)

<b>Monday, September 4, 1961</b><br />vs. Queens Park Rangers (Away)

Monday, September 4, 1961
vs. Queens Park Rangers (Away)

<b>Saturday, September 9, 1961</b><br />vs. Watford (Away)

Saturday, September 9, 1961
vs. Watford (Away)

<b>Wednesday, September 13, 1961</b><br />vs. Birmingham City (Away)

Wednesday, September 13, 1961
vs. Birmingham City (Away)

<b>Saturday, September 16, 1961</b><br />vs. Hull City (Home)

Saturday, September 16, 1961
vs. Hull City (Home)

<b>Tuesday, September 19, 1961</b><br />vs. Barnsley (Home)

Tuesday, September 19, 1961
vs. Barnsley (Home)

<b>Saturday, September 23, 1961</b><br />vs. Northampton Town (Away)

Saturday, September 23, 1961
vs. Northampton Town (Away)

<b>Monday, September 25, 1961</b><br />vs. Birmingham City (Home)

Monday, September 25, 1961
vs. Birmingham City (Home)

<b>Wednesday, September 27, 1961</b><br />vs. Barnsley (Away)

Wednesday, September 27, 1961
vs. Barnsley (Away)

<b>Saturday, September 30, 1961</b><br />vs. Lincoln City (Home)

Saturday, September 30, 1961
vs. Lincoln City (Home)

<b>Tuesday, October 3, 1961</b><br />vs. Grimsby Town (Home)

Tuesday, October 3, 1961
vs. Grimsby Town (Home)

<b>Thursday, October 5, 1961</b><br />vs. Preston North End (Away)

Thursday, October 5, 1961
vs. Preston North End (Away)

<b>Saturday, October 7, 1961</b><br />vs. Brentford (Away)

Saturday, October 7, 1961
vs. Brentford (Away)

<b>Tuesday, October 10, 1961</b><br />vs. Grimsby Town (Away)

Tuesday, October 10, 1961
vs. Grimsby Town (Away)

<b>Friday, October 13, 1961</b><br />vs. Reading (Home)

Friday, October 13, 1961
vs. Reading (Home)

<b>Tuesday, October 17, 1961</b><br />vs. Queens Park Rangers (Home)

Tuesday, October 17, 1961
vs. Queens Park Rangers (Home)

<b>Saturday, October 21, 1961</b><br />vs. Bristol City (Away)

Saturday, October 21, 1961
vs. Bristol City (Away)

<b>Saturday, October 28, 1961</b><br />vs. Bradford (Home)

Saturday, October 28, 1961
vs. Bradford (Home)

<b>Saturday, November 4, 1961</b><br />vs. Kettering Town (Home)

Saturday, November 4, 1961
vs. Kettering Town (Home)

<b>Wednesday, November 8, 1961</b><br />vs. Kettering Town (Away)

Wednesday, November 8, 1961
vs. Kettering Town (Away)

<b>Saturday, November 11, 1961</b><br />vs. Shrewsbury Town (Home)

Saturday, November 11, 1961
vs. Shrewsbury Town (Home)

<b>Saturday, November 18, 1961</b><br />vs. Peterborough United (Away)

Saturday, November 18, 1961
vs. Peterborough United (Away)

<b>Saturday, December 2, 1961</b><br />vs. Newport County (Away)

Saturday, December 2, 1961
vs. Newport County (Away)

<b>Saturday, December 9, 1961</b><br />vs. Southend United (Home)

Saturday, December 9, 1961
vs. Southend United (Home)

<b>Saturday, December 16, 1961</b><br />vs. Portsmouth (Away)

Saturday, December 16, 1961
vs. Portsmouth (Away)

<b>Saturday, December 23, 1961</b><br />vs. Crystal Palace (Home)

Saturday, December 23, 1961
vs. Crystal Palace (Home)

<b>Saturday, January 13, 1962</b><br />vs. Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic (Away)

Saturday, January 13, 1962
vs. Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic (Away)

<b>Saturday, January 20, 1962</b><br />vs. Watford (Home)

Saturday, January 20, 1962
vs. Watford (Home)

<b>Saturday, February 3, 1962</b><br />vs. Hull City (Away)

Saturday, February 3, 1962
vs. Hull City (Away)

<b>Saturday, February 10, 1962</b><br />vs. Northampton Town (Home)

Saturday, February 10, 1962
vs. Northampton Town (Home)

<b>Friday, February 16, 1962</b><br />vs. Lincoln City (Away)

Friday, February 16, 1962
vs. Lincoln City (Away)

<b>Friday, February 23, 1962</b><br />vs. Brentford (Home)

Friday, February 23, 1962
vs. Brentford (Home)

<b>Friday, March 2, 1962</b><br />vs. Reading (Away)

Friday, March 2, 1962
vs. Reading (Away)

<b>Saturday, March 10, 1962</b><br />vs. Bristol City (Home)

Saturday, March 10, 1962
vs. Bristol City (Home)

<b>Saturday, March 17, 1962</b><br />vs. Bradford (Away)

Saturday, March 17, 1962
vs. Bradford (Away)

<b>Monday, March 19, 1962</b><br />vs. Halifax Town (Away)

Monday, March 19, 1962
vs. Halifax Town (Away)

<b>Friday, March 23, 1962</b><br />vs. Notts County (Home)

Friday, March 23, 1962
vs. Notts County (Home)

<b>Friday, March 30, 1962</b><br />vs. Shrewsbury Town (Away)

Friday, March 30, 1962
vs. Shrewsbury Town (Away)

<b>Saturday, April 7, 1962</b><br />vs. Peterborough United (Home)

Saturday, April 7, 1962
vs. Peterborough United (Home)

<b>Thursday, April 12, 1962</b><br />vs. Notts County (Away)

Thursday, April 12, 1962
vs. Notts County (Away)

<b>Saturday, April 14, 1962</b><br />vs. Port Vale (Away)

Saturday, April 14, 1962
vs. Port Vale (Away)

<b>Monday, April 16, 1962</b><br />vs. Halifax Town (Home)

Monday, April 16, 1962
vs. Halifax Town (Home)

<b>Friday, April 20, 1962</b><br />vs. Torquay United (Home)

Friday, April 20, 1962
vs. Torquay United (Home)

<b>Saturday, April 21, 1962</b><br />vs. Newport County (Home)

Saturday, April 21, 1962
vs. Newport County (Home)

<b>Monday, April 23, 1962</b><br />vs. Torquay United (Away)

Monday, April 23, 1962
vs. Torquay United (Away)

<b>Saturday, April 28, 1962</b><br />vs. Southend United (Away)

Saturday, April 28, 1962
vs. Southend United (Away)

<b>Monday, April 30, 1962</b><br />vs. Port Vale (Home)

Monday, April 30, 1962
vs. Port Vale (Home)