<b>Wednesday, September 8, 1937</b><br />vs. Crystal Palace (Away)

Wednesday, September 8, 1937
vs. Crystal Palace (Away)

<b>Saturday, October 9, 1937</b><br />vs. Clapton Orient (Away)

Saturday, October 9, 1937
vs. Clapton Orient (Away)

<b>Saturday, November 6, 1937</b><br />vs. Northampton Town (Away)

Saturday, November 6, 1937
vs. Northampton Town (Away)

<b>Saturday, December 4, 1937</b><br />vs. Brighton and Hove Albion (Away)

Saturday, December 4, 1937
vs. Brighton and Hove Albion (Away)

<b>Wednesday, January 12, 1938</b><br />vs. Grimsby Town (Home)

Wednesday, January 12, 1938
vs. Grimsby Town (Home)

<b>Saturday, January 22, 1938</b><br />vs. Luton Town (Away)

Saturday, January 22, 1938
vs. Luton Town (Away)

<b>Saturday, January 29, 1938</b><br />vs. Watford (Away)

Saturday, January 29, 1938
vs. Watford (Away)

<b>Saturday, March 26, 1938</b><br />vs. Walsall (Away)

Saturday, March 26, 1938
vs. Walsall (Away)

<b>Friday, April 15, 1938</b><br />vs. Millwall (Away)

Friday, April 15, 1938
vs. Millwall (Away)

<b>Saturday, April 23, 1938</b><br />vs. Queens Park Rangers (Away)

Saturday, April 23, 1938
vs. Queens Park Rangers (Away)

<b>Saturday, April 30, 1938</b><br />vs. Southend United (Home)

Saturday, April 30, 1938
vs. Southend United (Home)